Blossom Together with National Trust

YGS Environmental Consultants are proud to have been appointed the Landscape Architects responsible for the design of the ‘Blossom Together’ Project at Devil’s Point. This in in partnership with Plymouth City Council.

This a national initiative spearheaded by the National Trust. Plymouth have successfully received funding for 1 of only 3 Silver category schemes. The rationale behind the project is to connect communities with nature through the creation of new green spaces. Blossom trees will be the focus to the sites. The key driver of these spaces is to give people an area for hope and reflection as we move forward from the pandemic.

In 2021, where COVID has directly or indirectly affected every life, we now seek a calmer future. In an initiative to bring communities together, National Trust are launching blossom circles to create areas of peace, reflection and hope.

“…last spring, many recognised the importance of access to nature during lockdown. So many found time in nature beneficial not just for their physical health but mental wellbeing too.”

Devil’s Point forms part of the South West Coast Path with direct access between Devil’s Point and the Royal William Yard.